07 December 2012

ITCC Final Results in 2013

On December 7th and 17th were finalized all ITCC Projects from 2012. Some information about all these meetings one can see in the next documents.  Gallery  ...more

21 November 2011

Project Review Seminar

On Monday 21 November between 2:00-8:00 a Project Review Seminar took place at Sheraton Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria.  Gallery  ...more

11 March 2011

Korea-Bulgaria eGovernment Experts’ Workshop and Opening of the IT Cooperation Center (ITCC)

Korea-Bulgaria eGovernment Experts’ Workshop and Opening of the IT Cooperation Center (ITCC) was held at Sheraton Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria on 11 March 2011. Gallery       OPENING SPEECHES Parvan Rusinov, Vice Minister of MTITC Prof Ivan Ilchev...more

20 September 2010

Collaboration Arrangement Between the NIA of The Republic of Korea, and the SU of Bulgaria

On September 20, 2010 was signed a Agreement on Informatization Cooperation between Ministry of Public Administration and Security of the Republic of Korea and Ministry of Transport and Information Technology Communication of the Republic of Bulgaria On ...more

25 February 2010

Bulgaria-Korea IT Experts Workshop

Bulgaria-Korea IT Experts Workshop took place at the Sofia University  in Bulgaria on 25.02.2010.  Gallery  ...more